Manifesta 15 Barcelona Metropolitana announces participants!


At today's press conference, Manifesta 15 unveiled its forthcoming programme, revealing 43 participants hailing from diverse disciplines and corners of the globe.

Together, the Artistic Team is working on a programme spread across 16 venues and within public spaces throughout the region. Of the 43 participants announced today, 29 will present newly conceived work made especially for Manifesta 15.

We are proud to highlight that 55% of the participants are local or based locally, further strengthening Manifesta 15’s approach to amplify regional voices reflecting upon the metropolitan landscape.

For the selection of participants, Manifesta 15 prioritised those whose practices intersected with ecological and climate justice, community engagement and radical pedagogical approaches. They will suggest proactive ways to empower local communities to become active parts of their surrounding environments.

Check out the full list of participants below in each of their respective clusters. We will be revealing more information about the participants in the upcoming months.

Balancing Conflicts

  • Binta Diaw (1995, SN/IT)
  • Claudia Pagès (1990, ES)*
  • Elmo Vermijs (1982, NL)
  • Embassy of the North Sea (Collective, based in NL)*
  • La Casa dels Futurs (Collective, based in ES) *
  • Lola Lasurt (1983, ES)*
  • Matías Daporta (1987, ES)*

Cure and Care

  • Eva Chettle (1987, FR/ENG)
  • Fanja Bouts (1997, NL)
  • Félix Blume (1984, FR)
  • Jonathas de Andrade (1982, BR)
  • Marie-Claire Messouma Manlanbien (1990, FR)*
  • Masbedo (1970; 1973, IT)
  • Nora Ancarola (1955, AR/ES)*
  • Radio Slumber (Collective, international)*
  • Tanja Smeets (1963, NL)

Imagining Futures

  • Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg (1982, UK)*
  • Carlos Bunga (1976, PT/ES)*
  • Diana Policarpo (1986, PT/UK)
  • Diana Scherer (1971, DE/NL)*
  • Domènec (1962, ES)*
  • Eva Fàbregas (1988, ES)
  • Jokkoo Collective (Collective, based in ES)*
  • Kiluanji Kia Henda (1979, AO/PT)*
  • Korakrit Arunanondchai (1986, TH/US)
  • Maya Watanabe (1983, PE/ES)
  • Mike Nelson (1967, UK)*
  • Niels Albers (1983, NL)*
  • OJO Estudio (Collective, based in ES)*
  • Rosa Tharrats & Gabriel Ventura (1983; 1988, ES)*
  • Tornen les esquelles (Collective, based in ES)*
  • Ugo Schiavi (1987, FR)

Gustavo Gili

  • Anaïs Florin (1987, FR/ES)*
  • Diversorium (Collective, based in ES)*
  • Germán Labrador Méndez (1980, ES)*
  • Lorenzo Sandoval (1980, ES/DE)*
  • Massa Salvatge and Lluc Mayol (Collective, based in ES)*
  • Paisanaje (Collective, based in ES)*
  • Tania Safura Adam (1979, MZ/ES)*

Trans-node **

  • Institute for Postnatural Studies (Collective, based in ES)
  • Lara Schnitger (1969, NL/US)*
  • Metrópolis (Collective, based in ES)*
  • Transductores (Collective, based in ES)*

* Presenting newly conceived work for Manifesta 15 Barcelona Metropolitana.
** Projects presented across the different nodes/clusters.

This is the initial participants list for Manifesta 15. More participants will be announced within the coming months