Public After All

Publication, 2023
M14-Public After All-EN.png

The European Nomadic Biennial Manifesta takes place every two years in a different European city. The biennial rethinks the relations between culture and society, investigating and catalysing positive social change in Europe through contemporary culture in a continuous dialogue with its Host City and its citizens.

One of the key pillars of Manifesta is its strong focus on urban developments within its Host Cities woven into a multi annual pre-biennial process.

Public After All showcases this pre-biennial research and presents the Urban Vision, commissioned by Manifesta 14 Prishtina to the the Turin-based office CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati. Public After All proposes a methodology, an agenda and an analysis to portray Prishtina, the Host City of the 14th edition of the biennial, in 2022 and acts as a tool for citizens to rethink the potential of their city and illustrates different possibilities to think and reclaim public space. 

Designed by Bardhi Haliti and Zuzana Kostelanská.


From its inception, Manifesta has made publications an integral part of the biennial process as a way to document different elements of each edition, from the pre-biennial process to an in-depth look into our diverse programmes.

Through these publications, we aim to foster dialogue, expand knowledge and create a lasting legacy for each biennial edition. From in-depth essays and insight from Manifesta’s director, creative mediators and a wide variety of stakeholders, to captivating visuals and behind-the-scenes glimpses, our publications provide a comprehensive exploration of the ideas and concepts explored during our biennial.