Manifesta Journal #17: Future(s) of Cohabitation

Journal, 2014

Under the title “Future(s) of Cohabitation,” the MJ#17 looks beyond geographical boundaries, administrative borders and fixed identities. The MJ#17 engages international artists, curators and thinkers to investigate the state of in-between from a trans-historical and trans-geographical point of view, with an emphasis on hyphenation in the term itself as well as on critical assessment of the legacy of the concept of “hybridity”.

Its contemporary relevance in the field of arts and humanities, and in society at large. Instead of focusing on the term itself, the contributors to this issue convene alternative vocabularies and positions that pay a tribute to post-colonial theory and criticism, and recent debates in cultural theory, such as the current revisitation of “Afrofuturism” or of what some have called “cultural cannibalism”.


From its inception, Manifesta has made publications an integral part of the biennial process as a way to document different elements of each edition, from the pre-biennial process to an in-depth look into our diverse programmes.

Through these publications, we aim to foster dialogue, expand knowledge and create a lasting legacy for each biennial edition. From in-depth essays and insight from Manifesta’s director, creative mediators and a wide variety of stakeholders, to captivating visuals and behind-the-scenes glimpses, our publications provide a comprehensive exploration of the ideas and concepts explored during our biennial.